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AIP Faux-mato Nightshade-free Marinara Sauce

Sort of sweet, sort of tangy, packs enough of an acidic punch that you wont even notice there are NO TOMATOES! Loaded up with lots of garlic and alllllll the traditional herbs your taste buds crave in a marinara. Plus, it freezes well, so make a big batch and freeze in 1 cup portions. Also makes a kick-ass sloppy joe and meatloaf (recipes coming soon)

AIP Moroccan Beef Skillet

Not your mom’s hamburger helper, this one pan meal is filled to the brim with tender squash and leafy greens. I tend to avoid ground beef in favor of other meats, but not anymore. I composed this dish after a recent trip to cliffs where I grabbed a pre-cut slab of this funny looking German Sweet Potato Squash (similar to a Banana Squash) Having no clue what to do with it and no inclination to go to the store for other ingredients I pulled this together with what we had on hand. Its become part of our weekly rotation because the whole family loves it…so much we rarely have leftovers.